How to trick a picky toddler

Flipper at the moment is in the phase where she’s really picky on everything; food, clothes, shoes, toys, etc. She loves to choose what to wear by herself but often it takes time. So in the morning, during cleaning up before going to Kindergarten, I only give her two pairs of clothes to choose and when both of my options don’t fit Flipper’s expectation, I have to trick her :p

Flipper: I don’t want that flower dress and that cat t-shirt too! I don’t like cat anymore!

Me: Oh…but darling, it’s not just a cat! It’s a grandpa cat!. Looks the head is so big! It’s a grandpa cat!

Flipper: Ah okay…That’s fine then.

Flipper: Mama I don’t want to wear that dress today…

Me : No you don’t need to, it’s a long t-shirt not a dress.

Flipper: Ah okay…




Flipper few months ago as she was still happy with her cat tee πŸ˜„

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  1. ameliasusilo says:

    Tipsnya oke πŸ‘πŸΌ daripada bikin perang pagi2 lebih baik dialihkan ya πŸ™‚


    1. zbethz says:

      Iyaa… Diskusi (baca: perang) baru dilayani kalau weekend πŸ˜„


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