How to calm down toddler after school/ Kindergarten time

Hello moms with toddler, have you read this article yet? 7 Ways to Help Your Child Handle Their ‘After School Restraint Collapse’  Great article, very true. We’ve been there, done that. Our trick is simple; after school we make a small picnic.

On the way home from Kindergarten, we sit under a certain tree. Flipper always choose the same tree every day because she thinks the shadow is perfect to sit on. I ask her to check, if she still have some food left in her snack box, if not then I give her small surprise like wrapped single Orea or 2 pieces of M&M’s. Well after the third day it’s no longer surprise anyway, because Flipper knows if we go picnic after school and the snack box is empty, means she will get either black cookie (that’s how she calls Oreo) or sweets…. But still she’s surprised (or pretend to be surprised) and her face shines with happines every times I give her the treat 😍.

Look at her shine! Oh don’t mind her dirty face and dirty clothes, dirty legs… it’s always like that after school πŸ˜„


The black cookie πŸ™‚

And like adults sit over coffee, we talk- without coffee. She will start talking about her day in Kindergarten without I have to ask first. After 15 minutes or so we continue to walk home. Sometimes she stopped to ride a wooden horse  in the playgroup for few minutes and that’s it, we walk home hand in hand without drama.

At home she’ll play or read her favorites books without any fuss. The picnic trick works well. Before, she always came home in fury and the rest of the day was no longer fun for both of us.

Now, slowly but sure the weather is getting colder, I have to think a better place to do our picnic or maybe different activities.

So how about your toddler, mon? Do they behave well after school? And if not, what is your trick to calm them down?

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