Childhood Idol

Last Sunday hubby took Flipper and her friend to watch Disney interactive movie in Cinema. The girls got goodie bags inclusive 2 posters from the event. Since then Flipper decided to like the Disney characters, Kion and Sofia, so much and had been busy arranging the best spots to hang the posters in her room. Sometimes here, sometimes there. Today finally she made up her mind that her room is not a good place for the posters. So now the Sofia poster is in bathroom and Kion poster is in living room. OK. Fine. I guess later she will move them somewhere else again.


I started with poster collection as I was older than Flipper now, as I no longer toddler or threenager for sure! And I didn’t start with a cute animal or imaginary princess  posters but handsome boys like Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach and Nuno Bettencourt. Ah by the way I did love The Famous Five and The Three Investigators too but I didn’t have their poster 😦 How about you? Who’s your so-called childhood or teenagers idol? 


6 thoughts on “Childhood Idol

  1. Sheila on 7 dari zaman SD suka ngumpulin poster dan bikin kliping beritanya dari majalah, super niat di gunting2in.. terus berlanjut ke Band peterpan.. trs lgs ilfil pas kasus videonya aril. Postere tak copot2ke seko kamar mbak hahaha. Nggilani lah mbiyen.

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  2. Seumuran Flipper sih aku sudah jatuh cinta sama Donald bebek dan Tintin 😅langganan majalahnya juga. Pas jaman SMP baru deh kenal Adam Jordan dan Hedi Yunus 😅 oh iya, sekitar kelas 5 atau 6 SD nempel poster NKOTB sama Tommy Page di kamar, trus diganti Ibukku dengan poster Pangeran Diponegoro sama tulisan Kaligrafi haha.

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    1. Oh iya poster Tommy Page (RIP) aku juga nempel 😍Aku ngakak nih baca poster pangeran Diponegoro haha… nesu nggak dirimu posternya diganti sama ibuk? 😂

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