The Great Big Book of Families


Check it here:
(affiliate link)

This book is a great start to teach our children about tolerance, start from family. It’s not a book about a child who has big family members nor a book which has plot or story.

This book reveals about many kinds of different families. None of them is bad or good. None of the is normal or abnormal. They’re just different. Some children live only with their daddy or their mommy. Some children even have two moms or two dads. There are children who live with grandpa and grandma without parents. There is a child who has only one or many siblings, etc.

Flipper (4,5 years) and I had fun reading this book. So many questions from Flipper emerged from the communicative illustrations and simple sentences. Yes, this book creates a valuable discussion about how different but equal we are.

The English text are easy to understand for non English native speaker. I need to mention this, because one of my German friend interested in this book but not sure about the English language. But after she borrowed our book for one day, she said it’s easy peasy and decided to buy it

Check it here:
(affiliate link)


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