She doesn‘t want to be an astronaut

Yesterday after dinner Flipper and hubby had a serious talk about the return of the astronaut Alexander Gerst (her big idol at the moment) from ISS Station to the planet earth tomorrow, 20 December 2018. They talked about if Alex’s happy finally able to stand on the ground normally, what food he will eat for the first time after the arrival. If Maus and Elefant (two characters from children show ‘Sendung mit der Maus’ who join Alex in the space) will be home too and if yes, what they will eat first, will the Ente hug Maus first or Elefant first… and so many more.

At the end hubby asked Flipper if she wants to be an astronaut later. She said quickly no because she doesn’t want to be alone inside the rocket. Maus and Elefant will not counted because they are ‘not real’. Hubby then explained that she won’t be alone in the rocket, there will be some other people even it’s not so many. Flipper took a deep thought and then silently said no again because if only she was an astronaut, she would be too far away from papa and she would miss papa terribly. I heard then a long ‘aaaawwww’… I guess hubby’s heart just melted and mine too 💕

By the way we can follow the return of Alexander Gerst and the two other astronauts here live broadcast from NASA TV.

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  1. denaldd says:

    Lhook kok wajahnya bedaaa.. lho tembemnya kok ilang tapi makin ayu, lho kok wes gadis aja *mendadak merasa tuwa.


    1. zbethz says:

      Iya tembemnya ditransfer ke pipi maknya Den 😄 Makasih tante Deny… sehat selalu yaaa 😘


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