Nezu Shrine – Tokyo

This is the first shrine we visited in Japan. It was in the middle of quiet residence area close to Ueno Park. There are tunnels of red Torii gates which is like a small version of Torii tunnel in Fushimi-Inari Shrine in Kyoto (but here, was less crowded for sure!). Nezu Shrine is a definitely a hidden gem, set in lush greenery, with ponds of Koi fish and turtles plus a small river in another side. It was a beautiful solemn place where visitor can also peacefully open his lunchbox near the pond. Okay, not entirely peaceful when some doves try to steal your food thoug 😉

The shrine itself is old but beautiful! Nezu shrine is one of Japan’s oldest shrines, established in 1705 and it’s also known as one of the “Ten Most Beautiful Shrines in Tokyo”. Unlike the famous Sensoji Shrine in Asakusa Tokyo or Meiji Shrine or any other tourist attractions in Tokyo, Nezu Shrine is far from crowded. It’s so comfortable to visit and explore. I read that the shrine only crowded during Bunkyo Azalea Festival, which happens every April. There is over an acre of vivid azaleas bloom in shades of mainly pink and white in Nezu Shrine yard, in what is one of Tokyo’s most spectacular spring scenes, flocked with visitors from all over Tokyo and beyond.

Here are some photos Of Nezu Shrine and more photos on my Flickr:

The azaleas ❤

How to get there:

Nezu Shrine
1-28-9 Nezu
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03 3822 0753

  • From Nezu Station (Chiyoda Subway Line), left out of Exit 1, walk 3 minutes, and turn left at the second traffic lights (Nezu-Jinja-Iriguchi intersection). Walk for two minutes and Nezu Shrine is on your right. Total: 5 minutes.
  • From Sendagi Station (Chiyoda Subway Line), right out of Exit 1, walk 7 minutes, and turn right at the third traffic lights. Walk for two minutes and Nezu Shrine is on your right. Total: 9 minutes.

Admission: Free

Is there toilet: Yes

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