Asakusa Cat Cafe ‚Neko-En’ – Tokyo

Well… Believe or not, even our Japan trip was in May last year, I still want to write about it! And still want to visit it! Maybe later after all issues regarding Covid-19 are gone. This time is a post for cat lovers 😉

One of the highlights for our daughter during our Japan trip was visiting cat café. If your little one or even yourself love cats, you definitely have to visit cat café in Japan. There are several cat cafés in Tokyo, more or less with the same concept where the visitor can purchase a drink in a café full of cats.

We went to Cat Cafe Neko-En in Asakusa on the way to Sensoji Shrine. The cafe is not far from the shrine, about 300 m. Actually, there are more than one cat cafés in Asakusa area and we tried to get in the other one (forgot the name!) but the owner turned us down because apparently, it’s an adult cat cafe, children are not allowed to get in. Shrug.

Contrary to what I expected, Cat Café Neko-En Asakusa actually is not a cafe at all. It’s a small studio apartment on the 6th floor with a living room set (without table though) and some cats inside. We can purchase soft drinks from the owner there if we like and enjoy it while stroking some cats. At first, it’s kind of weird, like visiting a house someone we don’t know but after awhile it’s so relaxing and feels like home instead of a cafe.

We don’t need a reservation to get in here. The only rule is that we have to wear sock when getting in, and we are not allowed to lift the cats. The cats here visibly well cared. They are quite social and wanted our attention. Of course, some of them were just sleeping, that’s how normal cats live. There were some toys to play with the cats, and we can also buy cat food to feed them, it’s tuna chunks and the cats were crazy about them!

The owner is a nice lady who speaks English fluently. She is clearly a cat lover herself. I thought that she’s an employee who has to take care of the café during opening hours but in fact, she’s the owner and she lives also in this small apartment with the 29 cats. She said she can’t sleep somewhere else since she can’t leave the cats alone. And yes at that time there’re 29 cats in the house, it could be more or less now because the cats are rescues who are very well looked after. The owner lets people adopt the cat from her and she also adopts abandoned cats. Seeing how these cats were treated was so heartwarming and our lil girl enjoyed it so much.

We paid 900 Yen (around 8€) for one hour (children 800 Yen) and because we love it, we’re visited them twice!

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